Having a variety of views gathered in compact manner with its great transportation system including the airport and railways, Kobe is the perfect place for shooting various scenes. Utilizing these advantages to promote the city to the world would lead to attract visitors sufficiently through film and television. Also it would greatly affect revitalization of Kobe's economy in future as the film and other related industries gathered in the city.

For the purpose of having film locations frequently in Kobe, Kobe Film Office was established on Sep. 13, 2000 when it was accepted as the first film commission in Japan to be a full member of AFCI, offering One-Stop service for film locations and attracting film projects to Kobe.


Kobe Tourism Bureau as a head office, Kobe Film Office provides services supported by Hyogo prefectural police office and other related organs by forming a project team with Tourism Planning Division of Economic and Tourism Bureau, City of Kobe.

Kobe Film Office

(Established on Sep. 13, 2000)
Mari Matsushita: Director

Kobe Tourism Bureau
(Head Office)

  • Phone:+81-78-262-1261
  • Fax:+81-78-230-0808
  • 6-1-12, 9F Sannomiya Building (east) Gokodori,Chuo-ku,Kobe 651-0087 JAPAN
  • E-mail


  1. Obtaining permits for filming/taping at government and public facilities such as streets and parks
  2. Providing information related to locations in Kobe such as introducing shooting points. Negotiating with private facilities for filming/taping.
  3. Providing assistance in location scouting.
  4. Providing information and assistance in finding film related industries and hotels, etc.
  5. Providing assistance in finding volunteer extras based on Kobe Film Office Supporters registration system.


A part of expense needed for location scouting will be covered by the aid fund to those who come to Kobe from inside and outside of the country with specific commercial film and television drama project that qualify the fund.

Kobe is the birthplace of film in Japan. Film is one of many western cultures introduced to Japan as the international port has opened in Kobe. Kobe Film Office was established in September of 2000 to carry on the traditional film cultures and to launch a new film and visual media culture in the 21st century.

Kobe is like a treasure box filled with film locations. It is a major city with a population of 1,540,000 people, surrounded by great nature of the ocean, mountains, hot springs and rice terrace. I'm sure you would find the location you've been looking for. Also services provided by Kobe Film Office, the first film commission in Japan to be accepted as a full member of AFCI, has been highly respected by many film and TV productions worldwide that have filmed in Kobe previously.

Hope you find this website to be useful upon gaining knowledge about versatile locations Kobe offers. And I really hope you take an interest in Kobe, and consider the city as one of the locations of your choice. Please feel free to contact us about anything related to filming in Kobe.

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